Le Mars Iowa USA - 36th Annual National Old-Time Country & Bluegrass Festival

Jordan was invited to LeMars Iowa USA to perform and accept the award for the Rural Roots Music Comission's "Junior Performer CD of the Year Award".

Thanks to donations and a major sponsor Australian Industrial Rental, Jordan was able to attend.

The Event '36thAnnual National Old-Time Country and Bluegrass Festival and Contest' took place on 29th August to 4th September 2011.

Not only did Jordan accept the "Junior Performer, CD of the Year Award", but he also took home "The Rising Legend Award".

It was such an honour for Jordan to attend the festival and it also gave him a lot of exposure in the United Staes as well as a taste for ehat to expect for the future.

We are very proud of him for all he has achieved with his music so far.